My name is Susan

I am from the North East of England, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and especially love going on holidays. I have taken many photographs on holiday and some of these have provided great inspiration for my art.

I have loved drawing and painting for many years and went to art college for a short period of time but ultimately instead of following my dreams I took the safe option and went for a stable career in accountancy.

My career choice has provided a steady income for the family for many years but now thirty something years later it is time to follow my dream and become an artist.

I have still had art in my life in the form of a hobby and have attended art classes for a number of years. I enjoy the social aspect of art classes as well as improving as an artist all the time with the help of my marvellous tutor Dave Green.

I have enjoyed attending art exhibitions and festivals with my fellow art students and by attending these I realised that my work might be appreciated by others and saleable. I have produced a number of paintings as gifts for friends and family but I am now starting to build up a portfolio to sell.

I have worked in various mediums such as watercolour, acrylic but my favourite medium is water-mixable oil paints. I feel the colours are more vibrant than acrylic. I enjoy the freedom of working with palette knives but also enjoy detailed work using brushes.

Artists usually have a theme either specialising in landscapes or portraits but I enjoy painting the natural world in the form of landscapes and animals but I also like painting cityscapes. I like to paint a variety of subject matter as I feel it is more challenging and rewarding.