High Force commission.jpg

High Force - This was a commission for a wedding gift. It was a very thoughtful gift as High Force was where the couple got engaged. They were very pleased with it and it takes pride of place on their living room wall

Arc de Triomphe.jpg

Arc de Triumph - this was a surprise birthday gift for my best friend. We had been there on holiday a few months earlier. She loved the painting and I really enjoyed painting it.

Presentation of commission.PNG

Truck- I did this commission for Darren who loves his truck and wanted to gift this painting to his employers. It is now proudly displayed on the office wall

This was my first pet commission of two labradors - Poppy and Sparky. Not only was it well received but it has led to lots more pet commissions.

Buddy the Schnauzer.JPG
Buddy and painting.jpg

Commission of a Schnauzer named Buddy purchased as a Christmas gift

Ginny the Labradoodle.jpg
Ginny and Painting.JPEG

Commission of Ginny the Labradoodle lounging in front of the fire, bought as a Christmas present 

Humber Bridge commission.JPG
Paul and his painting.JPG

Humber Bridge at Sunrise commissioned by Paul for his wife who watched this bridge being constructed as a child

Transporter Bridge.jpg

This painting was commissioned for a family member as they used to live in Middlesbrough and now live in Australia. People have commented  saying this painting is very atmospheric and love the colours of the sky and water. This painting now takes pride of place on a wall all the way over the other side of the world in Australia. 

This painting of a family pet that had passed away was particularly challenging as I had to paint it from old faded photographs. The look on her face when she saw the painting was priceless. She said I had captured Cola just as she was.


This painting was commissioned as a birthday present and it is of the Town Wall at the Headland Hartlepool from a picture about 100 years old. She was over the moon with it as she grew up there.

This is my latest commission of Brian and his horse Spirit. I have never painted a horse before and was very pleased with the results.